size1 [ saız ] noun ***
1. ) count or uncount how large or small something is:
Moscow's subway system is less than half the size of New York's.
size of: an engine size of 2000 cc
full size (=as large as something will ever be): The plants should reach full size in about four years.
all shapes and sizes (=many different types or forms): Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
reduce/increase the size of something: The president has promised to reduce the size of the army.
in size: After six months the tumor had doubled in size.
cut something to size: The boards should be cut to size and nailed into place.
2. ) count one of a series of standard measurements according to which goods are made or sold:
What size shoe do you wear?
a larger/smaller size: Do you have this skirt in a larger size?
size 8/10/12 etc.: He wears a size 12.
3. ) uncount the fact that something is very large:
The sheer size of the organization makes communication difficult.
4. ) uncount a type of glue used for making paper or cloth become stiff and shiny
that's about the size of it SPOKEN
used for saying you agree with someone's description or opinion of something:
So everyone's on strike? Yeah, that's about the size of it.
size 2 [ saız ] verb transitive
1. ) to make something a particular size
2. ) to put things in groups according to their size
3. ) to apply size to the surface of cloth or paper
,size `up transitive
to think carefully and form an opinion about a person or a situation:
He sized up the situation and immediately decided what to do.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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